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A Good Fitness Plan Should be Progressive

by Jack Kenefick on July 1, 2010

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A New Year resolution typically includes getting into better shape or losing weight. Typically people have a difficult time keeping these resolutions. One reason associated with inability to keep track on a fitness plan is people often start to hard and find the program too strenuous to maintain. A well thought out fitness plan should be progressive and allow the body to recover following each exercise routine.

A good exercise program should always start with sufficient time to warm up. The body is not equipped to go from the couch to the streets in an effort to complete that 10 K run. Stretching is highly recommended. Stretching exercises elongates muscle fibers and prepares them for more strenuous exercise. Today, an individual starts with stretching followed by a mile walk. After maintaining this program for a week, the fitness program can progress to short runs during the walk.

During this progression, the muscle fibers may become soar or feel tired. Each exercise routine should be followed with a recovery period. Without recovery people feel fatigued and the next exercise program will become more difficult. With recovery the body will rebuild those muscles and they become stronger. As the program itself progresses, the individual will be able to run for longer periods.

The first step in beginning a fitness program is to plan and set goals where each step in advancement should be. By the end of summer it may be possible to run that 10 K and feel great doing it.

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