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Do Cardio AFTER your Strength Training

by Jack Kenefick on January 7, 2010

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Many people wonder whether to do cardio training before or after a weight training session. In this article I’ll talk about what some experts have to say about weight training and cardio exercises.

There seems to a lot different opinions on this matter although according to experts, these various and different opinions depend upon factors like the goals that have been set by individuals such as weight loss, strength training, athletic ability, etc. The best thing to consider is getting help from a personal trainer who can formulate a routine specific to you.

How do cardio and aerobics work? Aerobics, often referred to as cardio, is any exercise that has an intensity where oxygen can be sustainably supplied to large muscle groups over a period time and also places consistent demand on the heart and lung system. Cardio is the kind of workout that is done at a sustained pace over a longer period of time rather than short bursts of energy like interval running or lifting weights. It includes running, swimming, cycling, using the treadmill, stepper, rowing machines, jogging, etc.

Weight training is considered an anaerobic (without oxygen) activity. That simply means that the activity causes the muscle’s oxygen requirement to increase.

In general, I recommend you do cardio after you lift weights.  I see people get on the treadmill for 20 minutes then hit the weights. At this point, your muscles are fatigued from the treadmill and they won’t get the most effective weight training.  However, if you warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill then hit the weights, your muscles will be in peak condition.  Once you complete your weight training, you can do your cardio.  Or do your cardio on alternating days from your strength training.

The use of any advice on this website is at your own risk. Please consult us, or any other professional, licensed personal trainer or your health care professional, like your doctor, first to see if the advice is applicable to your specific situation.

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