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Full Exercise Program: Boot Camp

by Jack Kenefick on February 24, 2010

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If you want to drop fat fast for summer, a wedding or your high school reunion – or you just can’t stand being out of shape any longer – then a boot camp exercise program may be the answer. As their name implies, boot camp programs utilize a military-inspired style of training to help you increase your fitness level and decrease your body fat percentage in a relatively short period of time. These intense programs generally run anywhere from two to six weeks in length and rely on a series of high-impact exercises and routines to whip your body and your metabolism back into shape.

Another benefit of boot camp exercise programs is the teamwork element. Many participants bring friends or partners to boot camp with them for support, but even single boot camp participants will benefit from the positive group mentality. Not only do most of the exercises focus on muscle-building and fat-burning, but they also often incorporate a team building element that subtly teaches the importance of cooperation and encouragement in fitness and in life.

The most grueling fitness boot camps are often held outside to reaffirm the military theme and to help participants to “sweat it out.” Boot campers may be asked to run special obstacle courses, jog in formation or complete circuits of traditional exercises like squats, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and/or sprints. At the end of the program, members will be reweighed and measured to show progress and generally will be asked to design a long-term fitness plan that expands on the lessons and exercises learned in boot camp.

Alternately, the term “bootcamp” is often applied to a shorter, more intense version of a gym’s regular workout program.

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