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How to have a healthy digestive system Part 3

by Jack Kenefick on March 20, 2011

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psyllium-fiberWhile supplements can be an important part of digestive health, it is also crucial to consume foods that promote intestinal wellness. Generally, foods that are fermented or cultured are good choices as they often contain probiotics or other helpful bacteria that aid with digestion. Kimchi is one such food; an Asian dish that contains fermented cabbage, kimchi is a delicious way to ingest digestive enzymes. Sauerkraut is another delicious fermented food that is even used in Europe specifically to treat ulcers and digestive problems. Finally, most people know that yogurt, cottage cheese, and other cultured dairy products enhance digestion.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a digestion-friendly diet is fiber consumption. Fiber keeps the digestive system running smoothly and ensures that blockages do not occur. Many types of fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and adding them to your diet can protect the colon through reducing the chance of bowel disease and even colonic cancer. Although gas may occur when you begin adding fiber to your diet this is simply a sign that intestinal flora are adjusting to the changes.

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Be careful when adding fiber to your diet as your body may respond badly to an abrupt increase. Start with just adding one serving of fiber to each meal. Be sure to balance your consumption of fruit and vegetables in order to consume a full range of nutrients. Also, don?t worry about calculating soluble and insoluble fiber as most in-season fruits and vegetables have a sufficient mix.

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