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Is organic food better for you?

by Jack Kenefick on November 4, 2011

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usda-organic-label-lgIf you are trying to eat healthy, you already know that you should be including plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean protein in your daily diet.  But what about eating organic foods?  Are they healthier?  What constitutes organic food?  And will there be a noticeable difference in your overall healthy if you eat organic foods?

Proponents of organic foods say that it is healthier, safer, better tasting and better for the environment.  Most often, organic food is significantly more expensive than non-organic foods.  Although the demand for organic foods has dramatically risen in recent years, there is very little evidence that shows positive proof that eating organic foods has a material difference in your overall health.  There is very limited information on the actual health outcomes of consuming organic foods over regular food.

What constitutes organic food?  In order to be considered organic, crops must be grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or bioengineering.  Organically raised animals used for meat must be given organic feed and be free of steroids, growth hormone and antibiotics.

When eating organic fruits and vegetables, the amount of pesticide residue is dramatically reduced and when eating organic meat, you are not running the risk of ingesting growth hormone or antibiotics.

Because there is not enough evidence to show non-organic foods as being unhealthy and dangerous, the actual health benefits of eating organic foods are not conclusive.  And at this point, there is not enough evidence to show a significant health benefit of eating organic foods over conventionally produced foods.  So eating organic or non-organic foods comes down to personal preference.

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