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Secrets of Orange County Health Clubs

by Jack Kenefick on July 22, 2009

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5 Disturbing Facts The Large Orange County Health Clubs
Do NOT Want You to Know About

Before You Think About Setting Foot into an Orange County Health Club, Be Aware of

  • “At our Orange County health club, we would prefer it if you never showed up to workout.”

Orange County fitness centers and health clubs make out like bandits each January as they retain their members from December and gain new members who are eager to recover from overindulging during the holidays. All of those fitness goals get locked up in health club contracts thanks to a complete lack of motivation. And all of those health clubs in Orange County count on you to keep paying your monthly dues even after you lose steam and stop coming to the gym.

  • “The personal trainers at our Orange County health club do not have the experience we tell you that they do.”

When you get your membership to an Orange County health club, odds are that one of their personal trainers will attempt to sell you on their experience. The truth is that Orange County health club trainers are not required to obtain accredited certification to work with you on the gym floor. For a few hundred dollars you can take a 2-hour exam online and end up with a certificate to give yourself a fancy title but nothing else. It is essential that you find a high-quality Orange County personal trainer who can truly guarantee the results you are going to achieve.

  • “At our Orange County health club we are going to do all we can to keep you paying for your membership.”

Starting an Orange County exercise program is nothing compared to trying to cancel your membership at an Orange County health club. As indicated above, these Orange County health clubs and fitness centers want you to keep paying but not show up for workouts. It doesn’t benefit your Orange County health club if you show up regularly and, obviously, this does absolutely nothing for you if you stay away from the gym but keep paying your Orange County gym club fees.

  • “Don’t even think that your belongings are safe at our Orange County health club.”

The theft of credit cards, personal belongings and valuables from lockers at Orange County health clubs has increased dramatically in the past few years. You simply don’t know who is in the locker room of your Orange County fitness center when you are on the gym floor during your workouts. You might as well keep everything locked up in the trunk of your car and keep your keys in your pocket during your workout at an Orange County health club.

  • “We care more about sales at our Orange County health club than any other goal.”

When you get an offer to make a free appointment at an Orange County health club to go over the benefits of becoming a member, please know that you will not only end up with information and insight but a long-term membership contract that will be impossible to refuse. You simply cannot depend on a salesperson at an Orange County health club to keep your best interest in mind. It is essential that you know what you are looking for to get a high-quality Orange County fitness solution that truly works for you.

Defend yourself against the tricks of Orange County health clubs and fitness centers. You need to find an experienced quality Orange County fitness trainer who will guarantee you the results you are looking for, regardless of where you are when you start.

Contact us to learn how our Orange County Personal Trainers will give you the resources and support you need to burn fat and achieve the incredible fitness results you want!

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