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Spot Reduction is Possible

by Jack Kenefick on April 17, 2011

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Muffin_topCommon wisdom upholds that spot reduction is impossible. Men and women would need to reduce overall fat to eliminate love handles, muffin tops, beer bellies, hips and thighs. Those people with stubborn fat yearned for an exercise program to help with spot reduction, but they were told it wasn?t possible.

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Science and old-school bodybuilding tell a different tale. Men and women can blast bulging areas, and the solution is all about using targeted muscles to turn up the heat.

Areas of the body that hold onto fat tend to be cooler than leaner areas. Low blood flow is the culprit. We need blood flow to burn fat. Some body parts do not naturally enjoy good blood flow, such as the lower abs and obliques. However, with the help of an exercise program and fitness trainer, men and women can adjust their workouts to increase blood flow to problem areas.

Old-school bodybuilders like Corey Everson and Franco Columbu performed hundreds, even thousands, of sit-ups daily to achieve their ripped abs. They increased blood flow to their abdominal fat and forced their bodies to burn stored calories in their abs.

A knowledgeable fitness coach can design a workout to take on those body parts holding onto a lot of fat. Once the fitness coach knows which areas to target, he or she can pinpoint exercises that will boost blood flow to those areas, encourage those muscles near the fatty deposits to contract, and coordinate the overall order of cardio activities and strength training work.

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