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The Importance of Warming Up Part 2

by Jack Kenefick on January 4, 2010

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Most people have great misconceptions about warm up exercises. For instance, though stretching is a part of the warm up routine, it is not the actual session. A safe and effective warm up needs to include four elements. These include general warm up, static stretching, sports warm up and dynamic stretching. In addition, you need to focus on the muscles you are going to work on during the personal training program.

Physical activity that is not too taxing such as walking and jogging for five to ten minutes is an example of general warm up. This increases heart rate, ups your body temperature and supplies oxygen to the muscles. Be sure to not stretch your muscles while cold because that can cause more injury.  However, stretching while warmed up improves flexibility. This is static stretching, which is a good start to the rest of the warm up schedule.

Athletic Woman - StretchesAn athlete specializing in a particular sport needs to work on specific muscles. This warm up is more targeted and simulates the movement used in the sport. The last part of the warm up is required to condition the muscles of professional athletes. The range of movement is given importance during dynamic stretching and this type of warm up requires the supervision of a professional fitness trainer.

When it comes to warming up, there are lots of options that can be followed. Aim to work out the major muscle groups in a manner that will help to achieve your goal.

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