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What are some health advantages and disadvantages of daily coffee consumption?

by Jack Kenefick on May 7, 2012

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world and there are many advantages to drinking coffee.  Obviously coffee is a great way to wake up and get the body going by increasing your metabolic rate by as much as 30%.  It can increase alertness and concentration when needed and increase mood and a feeling of well-being.  Consuming coffee before exercise can increase fat-burning and muscle fatigue by double than exercising without caffeine.  It helps keep the brain alert and receptive to new information and helps retain information more efficiently.  Studies have shown that regular consumption of coffee even decreases your risk of type II Diabetes.


When we consume too much coffee, we can become addicted to it.  It can overstimulate the brain and drain the adrenal glands, causing chronic fatigue when the body is in a constant state of artificially induced hyperactivity.  It can elevate your mood when you are on it, but it also has the effect of causing a mood ‘crash’ when coming off of it.  This can lead to irritability, impatience and depression.  Large amounts of coffee can adversely affect blood sugar regulation.  In addition, too much coffee can eventually stain your teeth.  Coffee is also very acidic and if too much is consumed, it can cause stomach and intestinal irritation and discomfort.


Coffee, when consumed with no sugar or creamers, has no negative effect on weight gain because you are not adding any additional calories to your diet.  If you are looking for a caffeinated drink, black coffee is a better choice than sugary sodas.  If you are addicted to coffee, it is best not to quit cold turkey.  The safest way to quit is to slowly cut back by one cup (8 ounces) per day for a week at a time.  So for example, if your current consumption is 8 cups a day, you should cut back to 7 cups a day for one week, then 6 cups a day for another week and so on.  This will help prevent what’s known as ‘caffeine headache’   so the bottom line is, moderate consumption of coffee, such as one or two cups a day is perfectly healthy unless you have an aversion to any caffeine.  But as with all things, moderation is the key.


The use of any advice on this website is at your own risk. Please consult us, or any other professional, licensed personal trainer or your health care professional, like your doctor, first to see if the advice is applicable to your specific situation.

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